Arnaud Delas originally from Paris is a fine art dealer living outside Oxford. He ran Galerie Hypnos in Paris for 14 years where he dealt in early travel photographs.  He focused on early 19th century photography from Africa, Asia and Japan.  He collected Japanese swords privately and it was during this time that his passion for Japanese art and culture developed.
After meeting his partner Jane  he moved to England where he has an outlet at The Admiral Vernon at 141-149 Portobello Road, London W11.  Clients may visit on Saturdays. In addition to this Arnaud welcomes his clients to the fairs he attends in the U.K. circa 6 times annually
He is the expert at Galerie de Chartres Auctioneers in France in early 19th century Photographs including Africa, Asia and Japan.
He is the Photographic Expert at London auctioneers 25 Blythe Road. London W14
Member of the Southern To-Ken Society